Stainless steel welded tube/pipe Stainless steel welded tube/pipe
Stainless steel U-tube Stainless steel U-tube
Stainless steel coiling tubing Stainless steel coiling tubing

Product advantages and equipment

Stainless steel welded tubes is mainly used in the production of tubular heat exchanger, shell and tube heat exchanger. It is suitable for a variety of industry applications and markets such as: dairy, brewing, beverage, food processing, agriculture, pharmaceutical, bio-processing, petroleum, petrochemicals, pulp and paper, power and energy

Excellent heat transfer performance

its advantage of uniform wall thickness is unparalleled, guaranteeing the best dimensional characteristics for the tubes .

better corrosion resistance properties

the dual-phase stainless steel material has better corrosion resistance than 304 stainless steel and has a long use life.

reduce the cost of use and product time

compared to seamless tube, welded heat exchange tubes has a relatively favorable price and fast production time.


Application Area

We provide every single industry segment with solutions of outstanding efficiency, safety, and sustainability

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Roy Cute

Roy Cute

It took me for a while to find Haixin, and their service is good too. They always know what I need for my project and the products always exceed my expectation. We’ll be working together for a long time!

hansom rob

hansom rob

Many times cooperation, each time is very satisfied, the product quality is also very good!

john wayne

john wayne

The product quality has the safeguard, many times negotiates is very satisfied one cooperation, hoped that next time can also cooperate

james domb

james domb

Introduced by a friend met Haixin, the results did not let me down, product quality is really satisfied, the price is also very preferential, especially happy!

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Jiangsu Haixin Duplex Steel Co., Ltd. is the largest distributor of duplex stainless steel welded pipe materials and machined parts in China.

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We have many years of industry experience with many major steel mill partners at home and abroad.

Quality control

Each batch of products is provided with a separate quality inspection report and material certificate to enhance the development of customers

Same choice by many well-known customers

We provide stainless steel solutions to more than 2000 cooperative customers every year, including diversified and personalized services for installation

Perfect after-sales service

We provide customers with efficient, fast and professional after-sales service in order to reduce production costs and solve problems of customers

News& Information

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