Development trend of duplex stainless steel

2022-01-24 16:33:08

In recent years, with the rapid development of the times, the rising and fluctuating of Ni price, duplex stainless steel shows the trend of two-end development. First, make full use of the advantages of dual-phase stainless steel resources, the development of 2101 and other economical dual-phase stainless steel, its development direction is to replace the traditional 300 series Austenitic stainless steel, the design idea is to replace precious metals such as NI and MO WITH MN and n elements. And two,. The development of Super Duplex stainless steel 2507 and 2906, which can partly replace Austenitic stainless steel 904L, 254Mo and so on, takes full advantage of its high strength and good corrosion resistance. From the development of duplex stainless steel, it can be seen that duplex stainless steel is a resource-saving high-performance stainless steel product. At the same time, duplex stainless steel is a high-tech, high value-added product. Its development and production not only reflects the technical level of stainless steel production enterprises, but also can create more economic benefits for enterprises. It can be expected that the proportion of dual-phase stainless steel will be further expanded in the future, the development of dual-phase stainless steel has a bright future.