Heavy Industry

2022-01-24 15:06:39


Vital links in the global supply chain

Heavy industry covers a wide range of raw materials and products – from steel, oil and mineral ores, to cars and aeroplanes – without which the modern world would not exist.

Steel maintains its strength

With its strength, formability and versatility, steel has been the backbone of industrial progress for more than 100 years. It will continue to be in demand in the future as developing nations seek to improve living standards. At the same time, new generations of steel are being developed to enable manufacturers to make products that are more lightweight and durable.

Drive for digital cars

The automotive industry is gearing-up for the ‘connected car’: a fully digital vehicle with WiFi and advanced information and entertainment systems. Vehicle-to-vehicle communications will enable cars to ‘talk’ to each other by exchanging information about safety and traffic. The concept of the driverless car is also set to move from the drawing board onto the road.

Innovation key to mining the future

The global mining industry has faced tough times in recent years as lower demand for the earth’s riches has depressed prices. Mining companies have responded to the challenge by cutting operating costs. Market experts forecast that investing in innovation, such as more automation, enhanced drilling systems, data analytics and renewable energy installations will support future growth.

Technology to meet toughest challenges

Production processes in heavy industry are often energy-intensive and generate a lot of heat. The big challenge is to keep production running smoothly despite the high temperature. Thanks to our many years’ of experience in all fields of heavy industry, Kelvion can meet the challenge head on. Our heat exchanger solutions have kept up with changes in industrial processes, which is why our products are in demand wherever optimum performance and efficiency are required.